Custom Addition and remodel

This project included a kitchen remodel and an approximately 600 square foot addition with deck and breathtaking rustic room. We were initially hired for deck and tree removal. We were able to provide competitive costing, estimating and bid analysis for the addition and renovation they were planning for the back of their home and front entrance, and they asked if we would manage the project from start to finish.

The Rustic Room in this home was stunning. It featured custom Nano walls which provided a 10 x 8 foot entrance into the rustic room and a folding glass window to the pool that opened 12 feet wide by 6 feet tall. This made for spectacular views! The room had rough sawn 6×12 feet solid cedar beams shipped from Georgia, and a stunning tongue and groove cedar ceiling. Cedar beams acted as collar ties for the roof structure, so it had to be installed during construction of the roof and had to be protected during the rest of the build.

The entire back of the home had large, aged windows and doors that needed replacement. The addition called for a flat membrane roof to allow for windows in the master bath above the addition. We suggested a deck to access from the master suite. We built the deck, and rebuilt the existent pool and pool surround. The basement had previously flooded with rear drainage issues and the pool set too high. We replaced the beam and surround and replastered the pool. We regraded and placed appropriate drainage.

We built the addition and waited until the new kitchen cabinets were installed before we demolished the separating wall. This allowed the homeowner to use their original kitchen during the approximate 6 month renovation process.

The front entrance lacked curb appeal. We put in a covered A frame type porch held up by 24 inch by 16 foot fiberglass columns. This required a crane to set the columns, which each weighing about 1000 pounds!

James did my complete renovation, indoor and outdoor, with the addition of a larger kitchen and outdoor room, in Potomac, Maryland. I am so happy with the results. James is reliable, trustworthy, and highly competent and communicates well with the owner. He is a hands on contractor and an all around good person. I'm considering buying another home and would not hesitate to hire him again.
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