This was the first home James built.

This home had a large foot print, trusses, and James built it on weekends and nights. He worked with an interior designer. He was able to take some architectural prints, modify them, and re-draw them. James and his wife moved in one month before their first child was born! No pressure there! James oversaw and performed electrical, plumbing, tile work, hung siding, and framing. They put up huge lights and had a separate generator running for building at night 9pm-midnight.

There are so many memories from building our first home. My husband asked me to pick out the hardwood floor and directed me to a huge warehouse. I was overwhelmed and fortunately our interior designer went with me. It turns out I chose Brazilian Cherry in every single different manufacturer line, without knowing it. She said I made it very easy, because I knew what I liked! The other memory that stands out is the master bathroom. I had remembered seeing a picture in a magazine that I fell in love with. Of course I couldn’t find the picture to communicate what I wanted to my husband/homebuilder. This was before the days of Pinterest or Houzz! I drew my idea (with the absence of any scale or skill!) on a piece of paper. With the help of my husband and our interior designer, the master bathroom space turned out to be everything and more than I had dreamed of! The open floorpan of this home was great for entertaining.
Ami Pacylowski

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