At Edge Design Build, we take pride in our customer service. We are mindful of your home, your time and your budget. We are ready to make your home, office, or commercial project a success from start to finish.


Allen Kabiri and James Pacylowski have been working together since 2011. Allen was voted Loudoun’s Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016.  Trust, integrity, and word of mouth referrals are paramount to his success in the construction industry. James is passionate about building, fine woodworking and custom carpentry. Allen and James both value calm and positive project management.

Allen Kabiri

While managing my roofing business, (selectccinc.com), a desire grew to broaden the services that I could offer my clients. I became inspired to pursue the design build industry and after working with James for several years, I knew that we could combine our resources successfully.

Since founding Select Construction Company in 2003, I have worked diligently to earn a reputation of honesty and integrity in the construction community.  I plan for Edge Design Build to uphold the same exacting principles and superior client centered professionalism.  



James Pacylowski

While working in McLean, I drove across the Potomac River daily. I took my daughter to visit the Great Falls and we saw some kayaks and became inspired. I have always loved the water and have dreamt of building a boat. I researched wooden boats and found information on building a strip kayak/canoe. This looked like a fun/challenging piece to build. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, found some free plans online, modified them, and started to build. While building the strip kayak, I thought about wanting to take my family out on the water with me… and decided to start building a canoe too!

James began his career building sundecks and expanded into renovations, custom home building, and fine woodworking. He became President/CEO of his own company in 2009 and joined forces with Allen Kabiri with Edge Design Build in 2018. One of James’s favorite aspects of building is the ability to offer fine wood working cabinetry, built-in bars, furniture and other unique pieces individualized to each client and project.


To strive for mindful involvement at every facet of your building project. 
To maintain calm, positive project control with exacting standards of quality, knowledge, flexibility, and project solutions in an ever evolving construction environment.


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